World Of Warships Pre-Order Packages Released – Doesn’t Provide Closed Beta Access

Wargaming today launched a selection of pre-order purchase options for the upcoming naval combat MMO, World of Warships, but none of the options grant access to the current Closed Beta event. Typically MMO developers use the allure of immediate access as added incentive for players to make a financial commitment prior to public release, but Wargaming seemed to have opted against that.

Beginning today players can purchase 4 unique pre-order exclusive bundles, alongside a collection of other premium items including a 30 Day Premium account for $12.49 and several packages for the premium in-game currency ranging from $6.99 to $53.69.

The most expensive pre-order package priced at $59.50 features 3 premium warships, Premium Access for a 90 day period and 5500 Gold Doubloons. Each of the 3 remaining packages follow a similar design but only include a single warship.

Players can now pre-order the items on their own accounts or gift them to friends via Wargaming’s account system. Those already in the Closed Beta who make a purchase will unlock all of the perks associated with that package immediately. Once Open Beta begins all of the items tied to a purchased package will be credited once again.

For more information check out the official store for US or EU.

Source: Press Release

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