Freestyle2: Street Basketball MMO Arrives On Steam

Joymax are inviting players to bring their A-game with the Steam release of an exciting new sports MMO, Freestyle2: Street Basketball. Freestyle Street Basketball fans will undoubtedly recognize obvious similarities with Freestyle2: Street Basketball and with good reason, it’s a direct successor to the now-closed MMO and features the same grit, style and huge levels of excitement the previous iteration of street basketball provided.

Freestyle2: Street Basketball allows players to completely customize their own characters appearance and develop an exciting list of skills and signature moves alongside authentic basketball abilities. The huge list of potential customization options, for both skills and physical appearance, creates an almost limitless combination of characteristics. The current Steam release features various modes including Tutorial, Training, 1v1 against both AI and other players, and 3v3 with similar options.

To celebrate the launch of Freestyle2: Street Basketball Joymax have announced a special event that will see all new players treated to premium currency to the value of $15 (1,000 Gkash) and 20,000 points – if they are able to reach Level 24 by April 22nd

For more information, check out the official Steam page.

Source: Press Release

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