SkyForge Developers Explain Monetization And Weekly Caps

Obsidian Entertainment, Allods Team and recently revealed some additional details on the interesting monetization system supporting the upcoming release of the action fantasy MMO, Skyforge. The underlying philosophy behind the premium options in Skyforge is to create a balanced yet rewarding system that gives both free and premium players an equal sense of balance and value for money. One of the systems in place to avoid potential issues caused by pay-to-win is a weekly cap that comes into play with a few premium purchases, removing the ability for players to accelerate progress past a certain point each week.

Players are able to purchase boosts that improve progression gains but they will not be any more powerful than other players of a similar level. Other limitations and security measures in place are highlighted below:

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  • Mastery currency will be capped weekly for Weapon Enhancements
  • Sparks limit progression through the Ascension Atlas and can only be gained by actively playing Skyforge
  • Orders will only progress as a player’s Leadership progresses which comes through unlocking various nodes in the Ascension Atlas
  • Leadership will also affect Pantheon benefits


For more information on the monetization systems in play when Skyforge releases, check out the link below. If you’re already in the beta be sure to get up to speed with all the latest tips and tricks with our Skyforge classes guide.

Source: Official Website

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