Xsyon Welcomes Massive Architecture Update

Notorious Games today announced that the long-awaited launch for the massive architecture has now arrived as the Xsyon community welcome one of the biggest and most exciting update in the sandbox MMORPG games history. The release marks the first large-scale content update to the world of Xsyon in 2015 but it’s arguably one of the most in-depth updates in the games history.

Players exploring Xsyon will now notice a huge array of improvements to in-game architecture features including multi-level structures with refined user options, overhauled tools and more options for various elements of the construction process.

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  • Manipulation of architectural parts in air and from a distance.
  • Added commands to move parts vertically and flip them in place.
  • Adjustable placement distance and movement increments.
  • Increased flexibility allowing components to sink into the ground and stack with ease.
  • Initial placement and slope constraints removed.
  • Improved terraforming allowing players to manipulate the terrain touching in place buildings.
  • Visual improvements including scaffolds and position displays.
  • The ability to bridge water and granite surfaces without terraforming.
  • Many new structural components including trusses and cantilevered frames for building bridges, tree houses, porches and overhangs.


For more information check out the official announcement at the link below or the full list of patch notes.

Source: Official Website

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