Yoogames Releases Closed Beta for Castlot

The new beta for Castlot is here.  Yoogames sent us this press release for their release of the beta yesterday.  For all your information on the beta itself, below is the entire press release for your convenience. Click the links below to go try it out!
Yoogames to Release Castlot Closed Beta
As a world leading browser game publisher and operator, Yoogames recently announced the launch of the closed beta server of ?Castlot? (http://www.yoogames.com/castlot ), a middle-age background strategy game on PDT 5:00 AM March 21, 2012. During the closed beta test, various events are going on and all players will get FREE ingame Diamonds on Yoogames Castlot Closed Beta Server!
The release of the new game is another constructive effort by Yoogames to carry on its mission of bringing best games and most fun to all players around the world.


Castlot is a revolutionary strategy game with originality added to all classic features: city buildings with more freedom of customization and decorations, resource collecting with goblins and cases to steal and protect, hero skills that can be activated with different combinations, etc.
Setting in middle age, Castlot will give players the experience of being a lord of a castle, starting their legend in the faction of Bright or Darkness. On their journey they will encounter ancient legendary heroes (?Epic Heroes?) to help them. Heroes have unique talents and war elements to, if wisely accompanied with players? strategy, take advantages on the battlefield.
Different Heroes, Lords, Cities, Leagues and Factions are fighting, interacting, and cooperating to gain maximum interest for themselves in the world of Castlot. It?s a game to test your strategy. It?s a game about wisdom.

Note: After the short closed beta test on PDT 00:00 March 27 2012, the data of all accounts will be deleted, and players who have recharged during the test will be given their Diamonds on the latter open beta server with bonus.
Know more about Castlot (http://www.yoogames.com/castlot )on Yoogames.com. (http://www.yoogames.com )


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