Minion Master – New CCG Available Now

BitFlip Games hit big with their debut title as they announce the immediate launch of their CCG MMO, Minion Master. The game is the first foray into the online world by the independent studio but it’s nice to see a fresh approach to CCG gaming online. Minion Master promises to provide players with the in-depth tactics associated with Collectible Card Games and the long-term strategies featured in Miniature War Gaming.

ecstatic to finally release Minion Master to the public,? said BitFlip
Games Producer David Steinwedel. ?We’ve worked hard with our community
to take the table-top tactics genre and bring it to life on the PC.?

Stepping away from the typically mundane setup of the CCG genre, Minion Masters provides players with a unique mix on a digital board game setup. Players use armies of figurines that move across a hex-based game board, summoning more monsters using a custom deck of cards. The game features 6 player cooperative modes, versus, custom level creator, custom decks and a variety of adjustable options.

For more information on Minion Masters, including details of the launch day patch, visit the official website here.

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