Telltale Publishing today announced that June 28th will mark the official release of the critically acclaimed online survival hit 7 Days to Die on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The game will ...

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Telltale Publishing today announced an exciting new partnership with developers The Fun Pimps that will see the online survival zombie game, 7 Days to Die, release on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One ...

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Despite 7 Days To Die's rather turbulent journey the zombie themed survival MMO is on track once again with the release of the highly anticipated Alpha 9 update and the often requested Randomly Generated Worlds feature. Read more
There's been a sort of wide-spread obsession with survival games of late - I'm certain you've all noticed it. Enter the survival MMORPG - a game which hurls its players into an open world where they can either compete (or co-operate) in order to survive. Today, we're going to look at a few of the best games from this genre. Read more
The Fun Pimps recently released the highly anticipated Alpha 8 update for the increasingly popular zombie survival MMO, 7 Days to Die. Read more
The Fun Pimps today released an exciting new video in the build up to the Alpha 8 release for the zombie survival MMO, 7 Days To Die. Read more