Ten Of the Most Absurdly-Named MMOs Ever Created

A game’s name might well be one of its most important aspects. It’s the first thing any player is likely to hear when discussing a title, and it’s what that player will associate with said title forevermore. For that reason, choosing an awkward, bizarre, or downright idiotic name…probably isn’t the best way to draw in players. Someone should have let the developers of these MMOs in on that fact.

Ten Tactics For Keeping Fit While You Game

The sad truth is, ours is a hobby that doesn’t really lend itself so well to good personal health. Quite the contrary, as a matter of fact; it’s all too easy to vegetate while gaming and turn into a disease-ridden tub of lard. Today, I’d like to offer everybody a few tips to avoid this sad fate- and keep healthy without sacrificing too much game time.