Action MMO Panzar Receives Extensive Patch

As seen on Todays Daily XP Video!

The free-to-play MMO Panzar has just received some extensive updates. The CryEngine 3 powered online game is off to a successful start in European regions, with battles already providing solid gameplay and entertainment. Developers decided to push Panzar to the next level though with the release of the games most recent and extensive patch.

Innovations are helping to improve the game. A new recruiting system for inviting friends will pay off for most players. When a group leader invites a successful member to their team, that leader will gain rewards for each level their invitees achieve. If people weren?t sticklers for filling a certain role in MMO gaming already, you can be sure they will be in Panzar with so much benefit supporting good choices over fair ones. There is also a group randomizer that will loop players together, but limit their party to two of each class at most. No matter what happens, a new chat system will make it easier to communicate and form these parties.

Aside from the social changes to Panzar, there is plenty of new content and changes in gameplay. A new map called Toxic Bay has been added. The map includes the new Mechanism game mode, where each team will attempt to obtain and install an apparatus, which must then be defending against as time progresses. This is somewhat like a single-base capture the flag mode; or maybe something reminiscent of bomb planting and defending in Counter-Strike. Smaller scale battles will help new players from feeling overwhelmed when they first try. With more map changes and new experience bonuses flowing through the update, it?s about time share this MMO with the rest of the world.

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