WildStar Free-To-Play Closed Beta Opens Its Doors Early

In an unexpected move from developers Carbine Studios today the team behind the critically acclaimed MMORPG WildStar have opened the previously planned Closed Beta testing event for the upcoming transition to the free-to-play revenue model. Initially the team planned to have a short Closed Beta testing period for the free-to-play version of the game but an error with many Closed Beta keys expiring required a solution. The solution? A very welcomed one as the team open the WildStar free-to-play beta test to all interested players.

[quote cite=”CRB_Sunshine, Community Manager”]Hey Everyone –

We’re aware that there are some people experiencing issues with their beta keys expiring. Upon further investigation we’ve decided to remove the need for them altogether.

Come on in and give free-to-play a taste test by downloading the test server client (here), logging in, and having fun.

See you on Nexus!

Team WildStar [/quote]

The Closed Beta is now in an Open Beta state and will continue that way until the free-to-play launch next Tuesday.

Source: Official Forums

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