Alex Mayberry Joins The Ranks Of Star Citizen

It appears Star Citizen can attract more than ludicrous amounts of money as today Cloud Imperium Games announced game industry veteran, Alex Mayberry, has joined the ranks of the Star Citizen team.

Formerly the Lead Game Producer at Blizzard Entertainment Alex Mayberry today revealed that he would be moving to take on an executive role at Cloud Imperium Games, the creators of the incredibly popular Star Citizen crowd-funding efforts. Mayberry’s new position will see him oversee all product development related to Star Citizen including distributed development and all of the external production studios.

don’t think we could have found a better fit than Alex Mayberry for
helping me manage Star Citizen’s development,” said Chris Roberts. “Alex
brings a wealth of experience in managing very large online games with
huge communities, including the biggest of all, World of Warcraft.

Citizen has grown from my crazy dream to one that is shared by more
than 400-thousand other crazy dreamers, with new ones joining every day,
all united in attempting to build the most ambitious space sim and
sandbox game ever. What makes this quest even tougher is that we are
committed to do this in a fully open environment, with the ongoing
involvement of the community, and sharing portions of the game as it’s
developed for feedback while working on the bigger feature set. That
means even though we’re a ways out from the full game being finished, we
are still in a live environment with an enormous number of users. That
brings a whole new set of challenges.

Source: Polygon

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