H1Z1 Guides – A Guide to Crafting In H1Z1

Crafting is the method in which most items in H1Z1 are created.  In order to craft, players will find items from throughout the game world and use either their inventory, or a previously crafted item that allows you to create special items.  You’ll use crafting to create food, bandages, shelters and weapons.

Basic Crafting Recipes
Advanced Crafting Recipes

[heading]Basic Crafting Recipes[/heading]Campfire = 2 wood logs
Bandage = 2 scraps of cloth
Shed = 2 wood logs
Shed Door = 2 wood l
Saline = Purified Water + Salt Packet
First Aid Kit = Saline + Bandage
Higher Level Bandage = 1 salt water + 1 bandage
Satchel = 6 Scraps of Cloth

Hatchet = Tree Branch + Scrap Metal
Torch = Cloth + Animal Fat (starter item)
Flare = Sugar + Cloth + Fertilizer

[heading]Advanced Crafting Recipes[/heading]
Shed = 2 Wood Logs
Shed Door = 1 Tarp + 2 Wood Planks
Shack = 20 Wooden Planks + 10 Wooden Sticks
Shack Door = 5 Wooden Planks + 5 Wooden Sticks

[heading]Campfire Crafting Recipes[/heading]*items created in a campfire*
Meat = cooked meat

*this crafting guide is a work in progress*

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