WildStar Raids Go Beyond Hardcore

Carbine Studios and NCSoft today lifted the veil on the incredibly exciting Raid features for the upcoming fantasy MMORPG game, WildStar. If you crave dangerous dungeons and brutal boss battles the WildStar Raids are just what you’re looking for. 20 and 40 player PvE dungeons promise epic combat on a massive scale as players battle against some of the fiercest bosses ever to grace the MMO world.

The new DevSpeak video highlights some of the more exciting elements of WildStar Raids, highlighted below:

Telegraph combat system
The unique combat system within WildStar makes dungeons unpredictable and exciting. Forget using a walkthrough as a crutch, if you’re not alert enough to dodge the deadly abilities headed your way, it will all be for nothing.

Teamwork – Teamwork will be vital as groups of 20 or 40 players will fight through destructive environments where the actions of each individual is vital to the success of the teams efforts.

Replayability – So you’ve managed the impossible and tackled the most dangerous Raids, so you’re done now right? No. WildStar is not a static universe and the boss battles are not scripted. Enjoy almost infinite replayability as you tackle dungeon after dungeon, enjoying a unique experience each and every time.

Check out the official DevSpeak video below.


Source: Press Release

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