Bold Claims From WildStar Developers

Following a live stream event yesterday Product Director Mike Donatelli, Creative Director Chad Moore, Producer Stephen Frost and Development Director Matt Mocarski, made some bold statements for the upcoming release of the highly anticipated WildStar. During the live stream event the developers from Carbine Studios discussed many elements of the upcoming MMO and hyped up the release with a number of exciting claims.

“We have the best damn MMO that’s you’re going to play this year. Period. End.”

“If you are going to sell an MMO for the box price
with a $15 subscription you got to give them the value. Month after
month we will release more content for every play style.”

“We have an entire expansion worth of content that we plan to launch over the next 12 months”

“We have a whole zone that’s coming in the very first patch post-launch”

“Best Housing of any MMO, ever”

“We are the first ever MMO to do mount customizations (we have hoverboards in the game if you didn’t know)”

“The 40 man Raid is bat s$@# insane”

“We definitely have the best Raids of any MMO”

Some of the top MMORPG games of today make one or two of these claims but to boast the greatest housing ever, the best raids, the most exciting mount system and the best MMO experience of the year is a first.

During the live stream Stephen Frost also announced that the long-awaited Raids DevSpeak will drop next week, Tuesday May 13th. The developers will also be returning to the official Twitch.TV channel later today for a massive 6 hour stream event beginning at 11AM PT.

Source: Press Release

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