CABAL Online Launches On Steam

ESTsoft today announced that they have released the endless challenges and bountiful wonders of the land of Nevareth onto Steam as the publisher confirmed today that CABAL Online is now available to download on Valve’s digital distribution platform, Steam. It was first announced that CABAL Online was coming to Steam earlier this month and today marks that official release.

Nearly 30 million players from over 60 countries have sampled the wonders of CABAL Online since the games launch and despite its age, it’s still going strong with a solid player base even today.

[quote cite=”Torin J. Ratowski, Management Unit Chief, ESTsoft, Inc. “]“We’re extremely proud of the evolution of CABAL Online and to introduce the CABAL experience to a new group of gamers in cooperation with Valve. The move to Steam brings a great opportunity to expand the CABAL community, which has become a global force, and offers us a new set of valuable opinions and feedback for further development of the CABAL experience. This is vital for any continuously evolving game.” [/quote]

The Steam version of CABAL Online is available to download for free today and includes all recent updates.

Source: Press Release

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