Jagex Celebrate The Spooking Season With RuneScape Double XP Weekend

The developers of the award-winning fantasy MMORPG game online RuneScape today announced the immediate launch of an exciting series of spooky events alongside the beginning of yet another of the hugely popular weekend events with the launch of Double XP Weekend.

A dark, trembling terror awaits the brave adventurers of RuneScape as Jagex introduce a bevy of Halloween inspired events and content, promising to deliver a spooky experience to RuneScape players new and old. If one wants to truly enjoy the new content they must first dim the lights, crank up the volume and enjoy the new adventure, Broken Home.

[quote cite=”RuneScape”]
After All Hallows Eve, Broken Home will become a permanent addition to Gielinor. The adventure is the first in RuneScape’s illustrious history to offer strong replayability for players. Once the story is complete, players can return to the haunted house to face new challenges and unlock additional rewards. Broken Home also features an open structure, allowing players to fully explore the corridors, nooks and crannies of the house as they try to find out how each of the inhabitants died.[/quote]

The aforementioned RuneScape Double XP weekend is sure to keep players glued to the world of Gielinor as players can enjoy lucrative rewards from 12:00PM GMT on Friday October 1st, until 12:00PM GMT on Monday November 3rd.

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