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What’s up Attackers, Today is Monday  January 20th and welcome to your daily MMO
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Pantheons’ stretch goals revised and Loadout’s launch.  The Daily XP starts now.

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Today on the Daily XP:
Lineage II Fans Upset About Hero Coins Update | [timer]29[/timer]
Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen Updates Kickstarter Stretch Goals | [timer]67[/timer]
Loadout Readies Their MMOTPS For Launch | [timer]94[/timer]

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You’d think when a game is approaching its tenth anniversary
it would be a time for celebration.  But
that’s not the case as Lineage II fans are scoffing at the new Hero Coins
update.  Hero Coins is a reward system
that entices players to purchase additional items from the in-game cash shop,
with the promise of further rewards. 
Which sounds all well and good until you read the fine print.  All coins are restricted to the specific
character that received the initial purchase, and coins expire at the end of
the year.  Also the amount of Hero Coins
required to get additional items is huge, with some of the more expensive
purchases requiring over $35,000 dollars spent. 
A little rich for my taste.

Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen has revised some of its stretch
goals for their Kickstarter project.  The
campaign which launched last week has attracted over $180,000 so far, which is
well short of its $800,00 funding goal, but there’s still time.  The revamped stretch goals were in response
to community demand and are aimed to be more realistic with both price points
and what players can expect.  The changes
can be noted on their Kickstarter campaign.

Edge of Reality recently announced the official launch date
for their humerous, free to play MMOTPS Loadout.  The game has been in Steam’s Early Access
program for some time now, but January 31st will mark the first day that all
players can enjoy the hectic action. 
Loadout is a combination of both old school TPS mechanics with the depth
and customization that players love form today’s top AAA titles.  Let’s hope that Loadout does not suffer the
same fate as Offensive Combat, which is another humerous type shooter that shut
down last week.

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