League of Legends Bot Lane Synergy – Ashe and Zyra

Bottom Lane Synergies between your Support and AD Carry can help get your team off to a great start.  This week on League of Legends Bot lane Synergies we take a look at Ashe and Zyra.

Hello Summoners and Welcome to MMO ATK’s League of Legends Bot Lane Synergies.  We are your hosts, Ashley and TJ.  On Today’s Episode we’re covering the CC heavy kite-queens Ashe and Zyra.  Ashe and Zyra were made popular by Cloud 9 last year with great success, by dominating bot lane on several occassions.
Ashe is the queen of slows, with no escape but has incredible kite potential. Her late game can carry the team to victory, not to mention that she’s the only AD Carry with a 3.5 second stun.  Which is awesome in many situations!  Zyra also has incredible CC to complement Ashe’s kiting.  She has a long range snare with plants that slow.  Her ultimate has the ability to zone the whole team, while knocking them up simultaneously.  
Together Ashe and Zyra have extreme in-lane poke potential, with the ability to peel off the jungler from ganking.  With Ashe’s hawk shot and Zyra’s seed they have complete bot lane vision control, even without wards.  In-team fights they can control the tide of battle with their CC, allowing their team to take the advantage.
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