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Today on the Daily XP:
EVE Online to Construct a Monument in Honor of Epic Battle | [timer]28[/timer]
Stronghold Kingdoms Announces European Update | [timer]62[/timer]
Lost Saga Debuts Brand New Website Ahead of Closed Beta Test | [timer]88[/timer]

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EVE Online is known for its epic battles, and as Bethany
talked about yesterday, the battle of B-R5RB that started on Monday has become
the largest in the games history.  I’m
not going to pretend I know a whole lot about EVE Online, but the dev diary
which explained just how much devastation went on leaves me in awe.  So in celebration, if that’s the right word,
in celebration of the battle, EVE Online’s developers are constructing a
monument in the area, constructed from wrecked models of the brand new Titan
ship, which was introduced with Rubicon’s 1.1 release, which coincidentally occurred
right after the battle.

The next update in Stronghold Kingdoms, the browser based
MMORTS game from Firefly will set the stage for 32 medieval countries to wage
war on each other.  The free update will
introduce the largest game world yet, with more player villages, countries and more
and will be introduced on February 13th. 
Stronghold Kingdoms is still one of the ten most popular free to play
games on Steam, as it approaches its second birthday.  Nearly three million registered players from
100 different countries play the game.

Lastly, Lost Saga, the online multiplayer brawler from I.O.
Entertainment and Nexon Europe has officially launched their new website.  This comes just ahead of the games closed
beta test, which will begin at the end of February.  The website features a host of details on the
upcoming brawler, and users are encouraged to visit and weigh in on exactly
what they’d like to see from the game. 
Check it out at lostsaga.nexoneu.com.

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