Albion Online Alpha Testing, World of Warplanes, World of Tanks and more! | The Daily XP March 5th

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It’s Bethany here on Wednesday March 5th with your daily MMO news from the one
and only MMO ATK. is eating up all of the news like a
gluttonous beast, but they are working hard and we like that. There is breaking
news for both World of warplanes and World of Tanks. If you don’t care about
that Albion Online has released their alpha testing date, and the game has the
possibility of changing the way we use our phones forever. Kind of heavy. Your
daily XP starts now!

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Today on the Daily XP:
World of Warplanes Updates to 1.2 Patch | [timer]34[/timer]
Albion Online Announces Start Date for Initial Alpha Testing | [timer]62[/timer]
Wargaming Steals Show With World of Tanks Updates | [timer]91[/timer]

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World of
Warplanes players are stoked this week because Wargaming has finally taken to their numerous
requests to better enhance the game. Update 1.2 marks the first addition of
serious content since the game’s official launch a few months ago. There will
be new missions, way more in-depth post battle stats, recording and playback of
matches, changes to the game’s economy, and even cosmetic changes having to do with
the accuracy of the aircrafts. Pretty cool. If they are not lying to us update
1.2 for World of Warplanes should be dropping tomorrow the 6th.

Another group
of players are stoked as well today because Sandbox interactive has announced
the start date for the initial alpha testing phase of Albion online. People are
really excited about this game because it promises to bring large-scale PVP
battles into the mobile scene, which has never really been done before. I mean,
we don’t really need to more of a reason to look at our phones but at least
this is more badass then checking your Instagram. The start date of the alpha
testing phase is March 24th, and players are being warned to act
fast because there will be a very limited number of keys. Get on it!
is back in our news today, stealing all of the attention, but this time it’s
for World of Tanks. These dudes are working hard over there and are keeping
their promise of delivering regular updates for their plans for the game in
2014. They’ve released their second Developer Dairy which focuses around a new
approach to the in-game physics. Expect changes to literally every aspect of
physics including movable objects, detachable tank turrets, individually mapped
tank treads, and yes, the way things explode. The video shows the way that
different building models change in behavior depending on the ammo used to
destroy them, as well as the different outcomes of destruction when using an
armor piercing round or explosive shell. Check the video out, it’s worth

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