SMITE’s Scylla, Black Gold Online Dungeons and more! | The Daily XP March 6th

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On today’s show we have a Black Gold Online dungeon reveal, the latest
god reveal in SMITE and a report from the front lines in PlanetSide 2.  Your daily XP starts now!

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Today on the Daily XP:
Black Gold Online Reveals Dungeons and Instances | [timer]22[/timer]
SMITE Releases New God, Scylla | [timer]62[/timer]
SOE Debuts Cool New PlanetSide 2 Trailer | [timer]100[/timer]

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A new
developer blog post for Snail Games Black Gold Online has revealed new
information about the game dungeons and instances.  Instances are one of the main gameplay
features in Black Gold Online, and one of the most important forms of PVE and
group play.  Players will form small
bands of heroes to explore hidden passages and while taking on enemies, dodging
traps and defeating bosses.  Completing
these instances will provide players with exp and loot.  You will be able to party up with your
friends and allies, or with random players in the world using the tab on your
UI, that will also bring up a list of available instances and
descriptions.  Remember, the Black Gold
Alpha test is set to begin on March 20th!

The latest god
reveal in SMITE brings us the horror of the deep, or more affectionately known
as, a creepy ass kid who’s legs turn into snakes with the heads of warewolves.  Well, that’s not a technical name but ..
seriously, this girl is creepy!  Scylla
is a magical damage dealer with an impressive selection of CC and movement
speed abilities.  Her skills include slowing,
rooting, damaging and granting vision to her teammates.  Her ultimate sees her revealing her true
self, while becoming CC immune, gaining speed and gaining one very strong
attack.  Our Facebook page has a giveaway
going on for Scylla and her alternate skin, check it out via the link below!

PlanetSide 2
released an awesome new video showcasing what it’s like to be on the front
lines of the war between the three factions on Auraxis.  Typically the team at SOE take a comedic
approach in their coverage of the game, but this new video is pretty freakin’
cool!  Taking the perspective of the
soldiers, the video reveals some interesting statistics about the game, while
showing footage taken by some of their players. 
If you’re not a PlanetSide 2 player, maybe this will be enough to get
your blood pumping and have you downloading the free to play first person
shooter from Sony Online Entertainment. 

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