Dark Blood – New Fishing System Being Added

Outspark has announced today that they will be implementing a new fishing system into their game, Dark Blood. It’s it set to debut on November 15th for players who are level 20 or higher. Players will be able to camp by the rivers and lakes of the Elwood Village  and Water Veil with their campfire and enjoy casting their line into the water. 

There are a variety of baits that a player can purchase from using Gold: Pasty Bait, Earth Worms, Eel Flesh and Pacific Sanctuary.

There are a dozen types of fish that players can catch along with several rare ones as well. You may not get a fish each time you cast, but you can also grab some treasure including chests with avatars, beauty shop coupons, valuable items and exclusive rides. 

“Now players seeking a relaxing getaway from the manic fighting of Dark Blood can go on tranquil fishing expeditions with their buddies. Pets are welcome too!” said Philip Yun, CEO, Outspark. “Many thanks to developer JCR Soft and licensor GameHi for creating this fun diversion during this very special time of the year.”

Outspark will also be hosting a launch event for this system on November 16th, “Feature Friday”. Players will be able to post their pictures of their brag shots or their fishing videos on the Dark Blood Facebook page. The players will be rewarded with free top-shelf bait to continue their fishing endeavors. 

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