DK Online – Realm vs Realm Details Revealed

Aeria Games, a leading global publisher of free-to-play online games, has revealed today the details of the Realm versus Realm (RvR) mode in their MMORPG, DK Online, which is nearing its closed beta testing. 

The RvR feature of the game is an important cornerstone of DK Online’s PvP features. Once the players of the game reach a certain level, they will be able to register in order to be able to fight in the name of either Eos or Dione, the two Goddesses central to the game’s storyline. Once a player is aligned with one of the two Goddesses, they will be able to make their way to the outdoor arena at predetermined times for the massive RvR matches.

The battle revolves around a central beacon with each side battling to take control of it. The side with the more surviving players in the area of the beacon will gradually gain control over their opponents. The fight ends when a faction defeats enough of their opposing enemies and gains complete control of the beacon. The winners receive a valuable buff that inceases experience for every player that was associated with the faction worldwide.

“DK Online?s unique Realm vs. Realm battles allow players who aren?t part of a PvP-focused guild to still enjoy intense, large-scale PvP combat, and for all members of a faction to enjoy the rewards of a successful battle. For even more PvP action, players can look forward to Castle Siege mode, an organized clash between guilds over valuable territory. Castle Siege details will be revealed at a later date.” 

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