Developer Forum Post Hints At Potential July Open Beta For Skyforge

Community Manager of the upcoming MMORPG from Obsidian Entertainment, the Allods Team and, today posted on the official forums with details that have led many to believe the Open Beta for Skyforge could just be a few weeks away. The Community Manager Spunky responded to a post inquiring about possible future Closed Beta tests with information suggesting the 4th Closed Beta will be the final closed event before the game is released in an Open Beta setting.

A Skyforge Moderator Alanor opened with this original post:

[quote cite=”Skyforge Moderator Alanor”]
We’ve not received any official information on the subject. With the timeline we currently have of CBT4 this month and OBT sometime in Summer, I’d place my bet on OBT coming after CBT4 instead of a CBT5. Keep an eye on the News section for more official information on future beta tests. [/quote]

Before Community Manager Spunky followed up with:

[quote cite=”Community Manager Spunky”]Barring any unforeseen complications, CBT4 will be the last CBT event before OBT. That being said, the time difference between CBT4 and OBT will depend on how well CBT4 goes. [/quote]

For more information head on over to the official forums at the link below.

Source: Official Forums

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