District 187 – In-Game Weapon Package Giveaway

[keys id=129156]MMO ATK has teamed up with CJ Games to deliver to you a great in-game item rental.  The weapon is the Azure PDW K101, which is a very rare in-game weapon.  This tactical rifle is the bread and butter of S.W.A.T units.  Its’ high firing rate and reliability make it a favorite among trained killers like Lawrence.

[heading]Redeem your key[/heading]1. Sign up with Netmarble via their website
2. Sign in and go to SHOP > Redeem Codes
3. Choose District 187 and enter Your Promo Code with hyphens (-)
4. Run District 187 and check your mailbox
5. Go to ‘Shop/Inventory’ to equip and enjoy your Azure PDW K101 for 24 hours!