Allods Online, District 187 and WAKFU – The Daily XP June 5th

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Today on the Daily XP:
District 187’s New Update, Blackout | [timer]15[/timer]
Allods Online Gets Updated Battle Mechanics | [timer]55[/timer]
Housing and Guilds Honored in WAKFU | [timer]95[/timer]

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MechWarrior Online, Everquest 2, District 187 and more! – Weekly Loot Ep. 46

The Weekly Loot is MMO ATK’s Weekly MMO and MMORPG News Show hosted by the lovely and talented Reina!

This week we discuss:
District 187
Spawn Wars 2
Dungeon Fighter Online
MechWarrior Online
Everquest 2
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District 187 – In-Game Weapon Package Giveaway

[keys id=129156]MMO ATK has teamed up with CJ Games to deliver to you a great in-game item rental.  The weapon is the Azure PDW K101, which is a very rare in-game weapon.  This tactical rifle is the bread and butter of S.W.A.T units.  Its’ high firing rate and reliability make it a favorite among trained killers like Lawrence.

[heading]Redeem your key[/heading]1. Sign up with Netmarble via their website
2. Sign in and go to SHOP > Redeem Codes
3. Choose District 187 and enter Your Promo Code with hyphens (-)
4. Run District 187 and check your mailbox
5. Go to ‘Shop/Inventory’ to equip and enjoy your Azure PDW K101 for 24 hours!

District 187

[stat=Publisher]CJ Games Global[/stat]
[stat=Player base]Medium[/stat]
[stat=Exp Rate]Medium[/stat]
[stat=PvP]Extensive, Clans[/stat]

District 187 is a first person shooter by CJ Games Global.  The game is set at the end of the 21st century after the collapse of the world economy.  As the world turns to chaos money means everything and the wealthiest survivors control the world power.  The government is no match for the wealthy citizens and constant fights and wars are breaking out in cities all across the globe.

In District 187 there are two main factions that compete for territory.  The game offers one of the most developed guild systems in any FPS.  You and your friends can create or join guilds in order to compete in special clan vs clan matches.  There are many achievements and missions to unlock daily, which help increase your rank and awards for completing them.  Clans (guilds) can also claim streets in the city which will give your clan bonuses.  But remember, there’s always another clan that’s trying to get your territory!