Uncharted Waters Online – Hosting Month-Long Giveaway Event

CJ Games Global is hosting a month-long giveaway to both newbies and veterans alike in its free-to-play historical MMORPG, Uncharted Waters Online. The giveaway rewards players with everything from special life preservers to modified Manila Galleon.

The event will be running through December 5th at 6pm PST and will be including:

? New captains will have the chance to reap rewards every day they log in, with new items being added every Thursday until Dec. 5. The items range from tactical to profitable, and include the Secret no-war pact epistle which allows a player safe passage through dangerous waters, and the custom frigate ship, which is a vessel well suited for mercantile shipping and therefore less susceptible to costly pirate attacks.

? Returning captains will get a jump on the new ?El Oriente? content by coming back to Uncharted Waters Online. Every day they log in, they have a chance to unlock items that will be key for exploring the mystical Asian region, such as the Modified Manila Galleon, a ship critical for reaching the Far East quickly as well as the East Asia shipbuilding techniques manual, so players can begin ruling the South China Sea.

“Uncharted Waters Online is set in the romantic Age of Exploration. Players can conquer hundreds of cities to help make their nation the world?s leading naval power. Sailors can choose to fly the flag of one of six nations, including England, the Dutch Republic, the Ancient R?gime in France, the Spanish Empire, the Kingdom of Portugal and Republic of Venice. Players can choose the path of a merchant, sailor or adventurer, with each path providing a distinct way to experience the game. With countless lands awaiting exploration and thousands of artifacts to discover, Uncharted Waters Online offers a level of content that can satisfy core and casual players alike.”

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