Pro LoL Player Reveals Match Fixing Scandal In Suicide Note

A shocking insight into the dark underbelly of eSports was revealed today as a professional League of Legends player revealed details on match fixing before attempting to commit suicide. Cheon “Promise” Min-ki of AHQ Korea posted a message on the teams private Facebook page in which he accuses AHQ Korea’s coach, Noh Dae Chul, of threatening the team with drastic action unless they intentionally lost matches at the OGN tournament.

In the message Promise claims that Noh Dae Chul had made illegal bets against the team to lose certain match-ups and would stand to make large sums of money should the results have gone his way. AHQ Korea flat out refused to participate in any such activity which resulted in the team’s practice computers being sold and the coach threatening to evict them from their current accommodation.

Following the scandal Promise and the other members agreed to quit and requested AHQ to release the salary owed to the team, however they resisted all monetary claims and remain in debt to the professional League team.

A string of Twitter messages from League of Legends analyst and friend of AHQ Korea, MonteCristo, provided additional information on the situation after Promise attempted to commit suicide. After posting the note on Facebook the young League of Legends player jumped off a 12 story building and is currently in hospital recovering after a recycling bin broke his fall. It has been said that he has awoken from his coma but has suffered several bruises and fractures.

A formal investigation is now underway as members of the Korean Police, Riot Korea and the official Korea eSports Association work together to investigate the serious accusations of the betting scandal.

A rough translation of the original Facebook message can be read on the League of Legends forums.

We wish Cheon “Promise” Min-ki a speedy recovery.

Source: Twinfinite

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