Celebrate Forge Of Empires First Birthday

InnoGames have just announced that a plethora of exciting events are now underway during the birthday celebrations for their award-winning MMORTS games, Forge of Empires. We covered the topic recently in a sneak peak but today they released some more in-depth details about each specific event.

The brand new quest line will be introduced by a mysterious fortune teller, sending players on perilous journeys to discover various rewards and in-game bonuses. The developers have also thrown in some sneaky hints in some of the quests, teasing dedicated players with information about upcoming features and large-scale changes.

The events are already underway and players have until May 21st to complete the new quest chain, which features 21 unique stages. Rewards are included, as previously mentioned, but other goodies will also make an appearance such as exclusive concept art and new portrait pictures.

Another popular title from InnoGames, Grepolis, is also celebrating with a brand new feature, Island Quests. These new quests will show up on random islands and challenge players with difficult quests and riddles. Many of these quests will prompt players with a moral choice; would you choose happiness over financial well-being?

Stay tuned for more information on Forge of Empires in coming weeks! There’s exciting times ahead.

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