Goblis & Gnomes Bringing Over 120 New Cards To Hearthstone

Overwatch may have stolen the show at this years BlizzCon but the award-winning developers once again show their ability and expertise with a number of big reveals for other Blizzard games – including the first ever expansion for Hearthstone, Goblins VS Gnomes.

Announced at the eighth annual BlizzCon convention, Goblins VS Gnomes is the first expansion of its size and will introduce over 120 brand new, goblin and gnome infused cards for players to add to their deck.

Blizzard hope to immerse players on a dangerous journey as they walk the thin line between the infamous rivalry of the goblin engineers and their gnomish counterparts. Though both boast a level of brilliance rarely seen in other races, the pint-sized tinkerers are all too willing to push their creative talents to dangerous levels with the hopes of topping their rivals – something that often results in unexpected consequences.

[quote cite=”Mike Morhaime, CEO and Co-Founder of Blizzard Entertainment”]“Goblins vs Gnomes is going to turn Hearthstone on its head. It introduces a ton of new cards with all-new options for decks and strategies, and we can’t wait to see all the crazy combinations players come up with.”

Hearthstone players on PC and iPad can expect to unwrap the fresh expansion cellophane in December.

Source: Press Release

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