Gran Atlas Expansion Hits The Shores Of Uncharted Waters

The expansive oceans of OGPlanet’s Uncharted Waters are set to expand further today with the highly anticipated release of the huge Grant Atlas expansion for the high-seas MMORPG game. The developers are excited to announce that the Gran Atlas update is now live, providing their community with even more content past the ability to explore 16th to 19th century adventures on the high-seas. Players can enjoy new discoveries, the opportunity to participate in international trade opportunities, and engage in deadly naval warfare with hundreds of historically accurate ships.

The Gran Atlas expansion introduces a staggering array of new content, opening up an entire new world for players to explore. The highlights of today’s update can be seen below:

  • World Map Creation system allows player to survey and complete the world map to gain access to the Northeast Passage, Russia, Mongolia and more.
  • Chrono-quest system allows players to utilize game content available in different historical periods
  • Various new ships and items
  • Updated dungeons and enemies

  • Source: Press Release

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