Hardcore Medieval Survival Sandbox “Life Is Feudal” Ships 100,000 Copies In Early Access

The survival MMO genre remains surrounded in controversy but there’s still plenty of players hoping a developer can deliver the experience they so crave as Bitbox announce that the medieval themed survival MMO, Life is Feudal, has sold over 100,000 copies since its debut on Steam Early Access last month.

Life is Feudal takes a step back from the zombie infested theme of today’s survival MMO’s, instead thrusting players into a medieval sandbox where creativity and freedom of choice reign supreme. Although the game is still in Early Access, thus many of the intended features are still a work-in-progress, if the developers can deliver on even half of the features highlighted on the official website, Life is Feudal will go a long way.

[quote cite=”Vladimir ‘Bobik’ Piskunov, producer and project leader at Bitbox Ltd.”]
“The success of Life is Feudal has been prolific! I am very proud we have been able to fulfil the wishes of many by producing a true Medieval Survival Sandbox experience. We are so grateful for the support we’ve received, and are excited to continue to improve the platform with regular updates and work towards the future release of Life is Feudal: MMO” said [/quote]

Bitbox have included a variety of innovative elements to help distinguish the game from other survival titles on the market. A massive world of 450 square kilometers awaits as players explore, harvest, craft and interact with the world around them. A seamless world to explore, crafting mini-games to break up the grind, full loot no holds barred PvP and highly realistic survival elements such as hunger and thirst.

For more information on Life is Feudal, click here.

Source: Press Release

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