Infinity Wars: Reborn Leaving Early Access December 13th

Infinity Wars Reborn

Lightmare Studios are excited to announce that the online digital trading card game, Infinity Wars: Reborn, will soon be leaving the relative safety of the Early Access period on Steam to a full fledged release on Windows and Mac come December 13th. Infinity Wars: Reborn promises to offer players a unique slice of online card … Read more

Infinity Wars: Reborn Receives Massive Content Update Details & Tons Of New Cards

Infinity Wars

Lightmare Studios today announced massive plans to revive the free-to-play digital trading card game as Infinity Wars: Reborn lays out plans for a huge array of new updates including additional game content, brand new cards, further developments in the campaign and more. Infinity Wars is currently in an Open Beta capacity but is available to … Read more

Infinity Wars Interview – GDC 2013

Elphie Coyle, Creator and Chairman at Lightmare Studios stopped us as we walked through the GDC Play area during GDC 2013.  He wanted us to take a look at his new game, Infinity Wars, let’s see what Lindsay and MMO ATK found out.
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