League of Legends Bot Lane Synergy – Lux and Ezreal

Bottom Lane Synergies between your Support and AD Carry can help get your team off to a great start.  This week on League of Legends Bot lane Synergies we take a look at Lux and Ezreal.
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Come one, come all to view Bot Lane Synergy within the realm
of summoners rift! Where dreams are crushed, and Pentakills are stolen.  Ezreal and Lux are todays performers for this
episode, this blonde squad definitely proves that blondes have more fun. Do you
think I should dye my hair?  NO. Ezreal
the prodigal explorer is a highly mobile, poke/burst heavy ADC his ability arcane
shift out of every situation makes staying alive easy.   Lux on the other hand, is a Low mobility high
range high damage poke/burst mage. With her Q She is able to keep a target
locked down which allows for free harass. 
When you put the two together you get one insanely kite heavy wombocombo
poke lane.  If Lux lands a Q Ezreal is
able to land a full combo while Lux unleashes the final spark. Also did you
know that Lux is the unit of measure for luminance? Actually I did know that,
in fact did you know Ezreal means, uhhhhh YEAH! WHO NEEDS A MAP? Why don’t we
head OVER HERE to see this blinding duo in action.

Next we will see karma land a Mantra Q onto Ezreal, they
begin to flee away while the enemy bot lane chases them down, Lux and Ezreal
both miss their Q.  Ezreal than arcane
shifts away while Tristana jumps after them, upon Entering the bush Ezreal ults
while Lux follows up with final spark brining Tristana to no hp, They then turn
to karma chasing her down killing her but end up wasting a flash.

here is an example of how Ezreal can follow up on a Lux
snare pre level 6.

Here we see Hecarim prepare for a tower dive on Lux and Ezreal,
he wards over for vision and gets ready to dive in. He goes behind them to
surround Lux and Ezreal while the other two close in. When the minions arrive Hecarim
speeds in but Ezreal arcanes away, he ults after Ezreal but a barrier and Lux
snare saves his life allowing them both to pick up the kill on Hecarim.
Unfortunatley Lucian and Nidalee are still alive. Ezreal return to aid his ally
and lux lands a snare allowing for him to arcane barrage. Lucian casts his ult
but using the minions to block it Ezreal stays alive, then turns back onto Lucian.
The OP minions with an Ezreal Q brings him down and they then turn their attention
too Nidalee killing her as Lulu arrives.

As Hecarim engages on the team Ezreal arcane shifts away to
ult down the cluttered enemies. as they being to flee Lux also then lasers through
the middle of the team dealing massive amounts of damage they switch to Trundle
and Yasuo picking up two more kills and granting them and ace.

Lux lands a snare onto Kassadin, with the two seconds they
have to unleash their ults Lux and Ezreal are able to single handedly take out
an opponent, they then switch to trundle giving no mercy which then allows them
to push 5v3.

in this last play we will see Leblanc unleash her full combo
to take out Ezreal, as he arcane and barriers away forcing her to retreat. Wukong
dashes to lulu as Ezreal unleashes his arcane barrage on the incoming team. Lee
Sin kicks the spinning monkey to the ulting Lux causing a mid air jordan final
spark.  The Wukong is then taken down
followed up quickly by the fleeing karma and Tristana and Shyvanna flies away. That’s
not dragon, and chickens don’t fly…

How are your eyes after watching those blinding
plays? If you liked them, go ahead and tell us in the comments below.  And don’t forget to give us a like share and
OR subscribe, and we will see you next time where we take a look at the lighting
fast Sivir and Janna.

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