League of Legends Bot Lane Synergy – Twitch and Leona

Bottom Lane Synergies between your Support and AD Carry can help get your team off to a great start.  This week on League of Legends Bot lane Synergies we take a look at Twitch and Leona.

Hello summoners and welcome to mmo attacks bot lane synergies. We are your hosts TJ and Ashley.
In todays episode we will be featuring the duo Leona and Twitch. Leona
is a Hard CC tank support whose ability to engage and lock down a target
surpasses all other supports. The lady of the sun gains bonus armor and
magic resist with her W shield of day break. This allows her to dive
head first into a fight while taking tons of reduced damage.
Twitch is the smelly rat from the lands of Zaun
whose stealthy ways can quickly asasinate an isolated target. With
Oracles being removed from the game, twitch is able to manuever in
fights without being seen, and although he may have no escape, his
invisibility will do him just fine. 
Twitch and Leona together are a very aoe
heavy composition who can shred a teams hp to none. With twitches bonus
movment speed and leonas ability to dive, twitch can easily follow up
while leona wrecks havoc on the enemy team. 
Lets go ahead and take a look at a few examples of this dynamic duo bringing in a smelly sunshine down on their enemies. 
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