Los Santos Gets Festive In Grand Theft Auto Online

Rockstar recently deployed the latest content update for Grand Theft Auto Online, injecting the vibrant world of Los Santos with a collection of Christmas themed goodies.

Ammu-Nation has been upgraded to include some rather appealing new toys for players to play with including new Proximity Mines and a rather dangerous Homing Missile Launcher. Both have been added to the festive update but both are available as permanent weapons and are sure to feature in the Heists expected to arrive sometime early 2015.

Citizens of Los Santos can also expand the variety of options in their wardrobe with a series of festive themed clothing additions including a Santa Claus mask and Christmas themed sweaters, scarves and hats.

Finally those looking for a treat of the metallic variety can head to the mobile vehicle market and purchase 4 new vehicles including a new Hotrod, a Slam Van, Massacro and upgraded Jester Sports vehicle.

Source: Press Release

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