Massive Steam Discounts For Uncharted Waters

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For a limited time, Netmarble is offering Steam Packages for their strategic MMORPG, Uncharted Waters, at severely discounted prices. The free to download and play title currently has three purchasable packages on Steam, which serve to expand or enhance gameplay. Originally priced at $4.99, $9.99 and $39.99, each are now available at a massive 70 percent discount. The sale will run through Monday, May 27 and serves as a lead up to a new update, titled Morning Calm, being released on Tuesday the 28th.

The discounted package details are as follows:

Steam Booster Pack ($1.49 after discount, originally $4.99) Provides a 30 percent experience point boost and faster ship speed for seven days. Additionally, players won?t have to return to a port to revive sailors lost at sea with this pack.
Steam Premium Pack ($2.99 after discount, originally $9.99) Rewards players with 200 million ducats (the in-game currency) and provides a 50 percent experience point boost and faster ship speed for seven days. Players will also have a chance to win rare items, including ships.
Sea Adventure Pack ($11.99 after discount, originally $39.99) Endows a sailor with 300 million ducats and a 50 percent experience boost for 15 days. The pack also features exclusive items, including a Custom Arabian Galley, Dragon Crest and Admiral?s coat.

With the new update will come a new item package that will help players easily change their jobs while sailing, as well as a content update that will open up ports in the tranquil Korean peninsula for exploring.

Those interested should hop onto Steam now and take advantage of the great discounts before the new content hits on Tuesday.

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