Merc Elite Enters Closed Beta

As seen on Todays Daily XP Video!

Bigpoint today announced that its military themed MOBA game, Merc Elite, has now entered closed beta. Merc Elite promises to offer spectacular action in a cutting edge game set in the near future. Details on story were sparse and vague, but the game seems to follow a group of mercinaries as they fight to take down a regime of powerful corporations that took over after the downfall of the United States.

Jumping into a game, players choose from five available classes (Recon, Tactician, Assault, Heavy Gunner, Juggernaut) to compete in 5v5 matches with the objective of completing various strategic operations. Elaborate and diverse battlefields are designed to minimize enemy fire while lending themselves to a more strategic approach.

A new line of sight feature allows players to explore the field while staying out of view while a novel direct-fire combat system keeps players focused and in control by implementing a simple point and click to shoot. Players will use these features along with unlockable military weapons, skills, and hired mercenaries to drive their team to victory.

Bigpoint hopes to make a splash in the MOBA market by appealing to gamers looking for a new challenge in a unique setting by as well as shooter fans looking for innovative gameplay. The invite only test phase is set to lead up to a full free to play release later this summer. Along with the launch of Closed Beta, Bigpoint has released a Merc Elite video displaying exclusive game footage and game mechanics.

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