Moonrise, Mobile Pokemon-like RPG, Announced

Undead Labs, the developers of the award-winning zombie title State of Decay, today announced a new partnership project with MMO giants Kabam that will see the launch of a brand new free-to-play RPG game aimed at the mobile gaming market.

The two developers revealed the fruits of their combined labor with Moonrise, a fantasy RPG with a planned release on iPhone, iPad and Android devices in early 2015. They also announced that the first beta event will begin this fall, with the first opportunity for hands-on impressions expected at this years PAX.

Accompanying the Moonrise announcement are a selection of cute screenshots and the release of a brand new teaser site that includes basic information on the games settings and mechanics.

Recruit these newly freed Solari to join your growing team as you collect hundreds of unique and powerful creatures and help them grow and evolve into even more exciting forms. Lead your Solari into battle with a sophisticated but easy to learn real-time battle system, fighting ferocious Lunari and challenging other Wardens and players around the world for pride and rewards.

Though officially unrelated, the mechanics and imagery bare some unquestionable inspiration from the Pokemon franchise. This would be a smart comparison for Undead Labs to capitalize on, mostly considering that Nintendo is standing firm on their decision to keep development strictly focused on their own platforms, the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U. Though they’ve seen great success with Pokemon on their dual-screened handheld, they’re ultimately leaving the massive mobile phone market untapped and hungry for a monster capturing/battling game.

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