Revamped Tutorial Heading To Champions Online

Perfect World Entertainment and Cryptic Studios update the Champions Online website today with a brief note informing players of upcoming changes to the games tutorial system with an aim of providing better immersion, smoother flow and reduced friction through the initial elements of the game.

[quote cite=”Champions Online Team”]
We’re living in a golden age for superhero stories. With all the great new superhero-based comic book series, TV shows, and movies coming out, lots of people are getting interested in the genre and trying out Champions Online. That means that it’s the perfect time for us to take a fresh look at our tutorial and what new players experience in Champions Online. We’re making some changes to provide better immersion, faster flow, reduced friction points, and clearer explanation of game mechanics. These changes are now live on PTS for Gold players to playtest.[/quote]

According to the post released earlier today the re-imagined tutorial is already available on the Public Test Server, a server with exclusive access available for Gold Members, but is not yet ready to be released on the official live servers.

[quote cite=”Champions Online Team”]We wanted to wrap this revised tutorial around an established setting in the Champions universe. The Ravenswood Academy is a private school that secretly trains young superhumans on how to use their powers. Taking the old Qularr Invasion tutorial and re-vamping it as a virtual training exercise for Ravenswood Academy is a great way to incorporate our streamlined new user experience into a new story context. We’ve also built a new Ravenswood Academy campus in Millennium City between Renaissance Center and Westside — we hope you enjoy role-playing at this new venue!

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