Sample Kartuga Before Release

InnoGames have just released information regarding the “Board the Server Days” for their upcoming high-seas MMORPG game, Kartuga. Following the typical approach of an open beta event, the Board the Server Days are a limited time event that will allow all players to sample the next MMO from InnoGames. They’re removing the beta key restrictions for 3 days. This means you have until April 26th to get a sneak peak into the world of Kartuga.

The main aim of this new event is to give the developers ample information for stability and technical performance. They’re hoping to ascertain exactly how many players can be supported on a single world. As added incentive all participants have the opportunity to win a closed beta key that will allow them to continuing playing after the event ends.

“Kartuga is proceeding very positively, so we are slowly heading up to the Open Beta. Thus, the performance test is a very important chance for us to gather data and prepare the servers as thoroughly as possible for the start. We hope the players will intensively challenge the servers and maybe push them to their maximum capacity. This would give us the most useful data”, Kartuga Product Manager Florian Supa explains.

InnoGames have warned that players may experience some technical hiccups due to the nature of the test. If you want to sample Kartuga, check out our play article here.

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