Sleeping Dogs MMO Successor, Triad Wars, Live Stream Incoming

United Front Games & Square Enix have announced an exciting live stream event that will see the upcoming spiritual successor to Sleeping Dogs, Triad Wars, exposed to the masses via the official Twitch.TV channel.

The special event will take place on November 26th at 11AM PST / 2PM EDT, with plans to demonstrate a variety of in-game features and offer fans the opportunity to pitch their questions directly to the development team. Interested players can also pitch their questions ahead of time using the Twitter hashtag #TriadTwitch. The best questions will be chosen and answered during the event.

As a spiritual successor to Sleeping Dogs, Triad Wars takes place in the vibrant city of Hong Kong complete with its criminal underbelly and warring Triad Gangs. Players will take on the role of an Enforcer as they increase their gangs reputation and power through an exciting variety of activities. Hacking, extortion, money laundering and good ol’ fashioned brute force are some of the methods players can use to increase their income.

Closed beta sign-ups are available on the official website and several players will win access during the stream tomorrow.

Source: Press Release

2 thoughts on “Sleeping Dogs MMO Successor, Triad Wars, Live Stream Incoming”

  1. I love Sleeping Dogs. LOVE IT. I am so far really, really unconvinced this will be a worthy follow up. It sounds like a GTA Online equivalent, pulled out from the single player game, and sold as it’s own thing. I mean, it’s set in the same setting for one. All the assets looked ripped from Sleeping Dogs, which is fine because they’re gorgeous, but it’s anything but exciting.

    I’m interested in this stream. Hope they show things that are new.

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