SMITE – New Game Mode And Patch

Hi-Rez Studios is mixing things up again by bringing you a brand new game mode and map to thier MOBA, SMITE.  The new game mode is called Domination, it is a “capture and hold” style of gameplay where your team of 5 must hold at least 2 of the 3 points on the map in order to decrease the enemy teams points to zero.  The map is Egyptian themed and you can view it below! 

SMITE is also releasing a new patch which brings a banning functionality for the top ranked player in each team, which will allow them to ban their opponents from selecting a specific god.  The other big news in the patch is that Hi-Rez is releasing 5 additional gods to play for free, in addition to the 5 free gods already on rotation.  This gives you a chance to check out some additional gods that you weren’t able to play in the past.  The patch also has a brand new UI.  

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