Star Trek: Alien Domain Closed Beta 2 Incoming

GameSamba today announced the starting dates for the next closed beta event for the highly anticipated Star Trek: Alien Domain alongside additional details for the newly improved Officer System. The upcoming free-to-play MMORTS was introduced to the MMO world in September of last year before launching its first closed beta event in December. The event was considered a success by the development team, with much of the feedback and advice influencing changes scheduled to arrive with the upcoming closed beta event.

One of the biggest changes will see a newly improved Officer System, upgraded and changed following criticism made during the first beta event. Once players reach a certain point in the main quest line they will have the opportunity to recruit Klingon or Federation officers, depending on their chosen faction. These NPC officers take roles that span the full variety of positions including Captains, Engineers, Scientists and Security Officers. Each NPC will also unlock their own series of unique skills and abilities that will aid players in a variety of interesting ways.

The events of Star Trek: Alien Domain take place many years after those televised in Star Trek: Voyager, giving players the opportunity to follow in the wake of Captain Janeway and her crew. Stage 2 of the closed beta event will take place on January 15th at 6PM PST.

Source: Press Release

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