Star Wars Battlefront Preload Now Available For PC

Star Wars Battlefront 1280x720

Are you ready for combat in a galaxy far, far away? Well, you’d better prepare as the highly anticipated Star Wars Battlefront Beta event is almost upon us as Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC players eagerly await updates to announce its release. The Beta event is scheduled to begin tomorrow, October 8th, and will … Read more

Star Wars Battlefront Trailer & Release Date Confirmation

Star Wars Battlefront 1280x720

The pre-release hype in what is quickly becoming one of the most anticipated Star Wars games in history hit new heights today as Electronic Arts, DICE and Lucasfilm released a brand new trailer alongside confirmation of the official release date for Star Wars Battlefront. The next installment in the critically acclaimed Battlefront franchise will hit … Read more

Rent your own Battlefield 3 server

There has been a major game update for the players of Battlefield 3. PC Battlefield players were able to experience the renting of Battlefield 3 servers, now console players are able to have that same privilege. A massive PS3 game update for Battlefield 3 rolled out last week on March 27th and the recent update has just been released onto the Xbox 360 today.