Update from the League of Angels Fire Raiders Devs

League of Angels – Fire Raiders, GTArcade’s acclaimed action RPG for mobile, has grown exponentially since its worldwide release. Every aspect of the game has been expanded and optimized, making Fire Raiders a truly robust gaming experience. Jam-packed content updates have continuously introduced new features, play modes, fun events, and so much more. With more … Read more

New League of Angels Fire Raiders New Angels and Heroes

Angel Celeste is the newest Angel to join the League. She offers great control over the battlefield with the ability to disable enemies at critical times and turn a fight in your favor. Bamboo Fighter is a great new front row tank that can disable the enemy’s back row or their opposing tank. Death Slayer, … Read more

League of Angels Version 2.3 Updates

With version 2.3 we are excited to introduce Relics to League of Angels – Fire Raiders! These ancient heirlooms of immense power are said to have been left behind by the gods themselves. Scattered and long forgotten, the recent discovery of these Relics has sent Angels and Heroes running to claim their strength. [heading]What are … Read more

League of Angels – Fire Raiders Patch 2.2

The newest update for League of Angels – Fire Raiders is now available! Version 2.2 adds a number of improvements and new content to the game. In order to bring the Fire Raiders experience to an even wider audience, French and German language options are now available. Players can choose these language settings from the … Read more