Tribes: Ascend

[stat=Publisher]Hi-Rez Studios[/stat]
[stat=Developer]Hi-Rez Studios[/stat]
[stat=Distribution]Online Download[/stat]
[stat=Free to Play]Yes[/stat]
[stat=Download Size]~10GB[/stat]
[/review]Tribes: Ascend is a multi-player first person shooter game that is part of the Tribes franchise. The game was developed by Hi-Rez Studios for the PC. The game features a unique “skiing” feature that involves using your characters Jetpack along with floating across the ground to bring a truly one of a kind fighting experience to the game.

Tribes: Ascend features a class-based loadout system which allows each player to specify what type of armor they have, along with the types of items and weapons they carry. The game features vehicular battles as well as in-air battles using the jetpacks. Like many first person shooter titles, Tribes: Ascend has several game modes and maps as well as a ranking system with unique rank titles and insignia.

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