EverQuest’s The Darkened Sea Expansion Revealed | SOE Live 2014

Being that this is the year of EverQuest, with EverQuest celebrating its 15th anniversary, and EverQuest II celebrating its 10th, SOE definitely wasn’t going to skimp out on the EQ updates.  The big news in the EverQuest camp at this year’s SOE Live is the 21st expansion, The Darkened Sea.  With The Darkened Sea, the SOE team shows no signs of slowing down content to their flagship franchise.

As many news sites had reported last month, SOE trademarking the name “The Darkened Sea”, the latest expansion for EverQuest will harken back to The Buried Sea, the games 13th expansion from 2007.  The latest expansion and adds, among other things, a level increase up to 105, an advanced looting feature, the new mount keyring and 8 new zones.  An increase to level 105 is huge for players, the rush you get that first weekend when you break through a new barrier of levels is one of the great joys of the game.  Another issue the EQ team is tackling is the heavy burden that mounts take on your inventory space.  The mount keyring feature will give players a way to store mounts in a special inventory that you can pull from at any time.  You’ll be able to keep your forest jaguar, and tiger rapotr and war bear all in one spot and it will not only make it easier for you to see where your precious babies are, but makes them very accessible from anywhere in the game.

The new zones in The Darkened Sea are some of the most interesting to date.  From zones with dinosaurs, to a sci-fi type zone with self swooping brooms, there’s going to be a little bit of something for everyone to adventure in. Obviously with The Darkened Sea title, you’re sure to find plenty of water-based zones, which are easily some of the most challenging to do battle in, but that always adds to the fun of putting together a raid group right?

The Darkened Sea will be gracing the SOE server come October 28th for All-Access members and November 11th for you free-to-players, but even before that, the EverQuest team will be introducing player robes to the Player Studio.  Now, you know that in the Player Studio you can create and sell items in-game to other players, and make some money in return.  The addition of robes adds a new element of custom design, as players will be able to create or buy unique looking outfits.  One of the first things that popped into my mind are guilds possibly creating a set of robes to distinguish themselves from others, or even officers and guild-leaders having different attire to show off their power within the ranks.  Player robes will be coming next week, just after SOE Live finishes up.
It’s clear to this writer that the SOE team is more dedicated than ever to EverQuest and the EverQuest franchise.

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