The Six Stages Of A League Of Legends Addiction

League of Legends is currently one of the most popular games in the world, and stands at the fore of gaming culture, both for its relative accessibility and for its contributions to the world of eSports. Speaking from experience, the MOBA is also among the most addictive games I’ve ever played. It’s all too easy to find oneself sucked in. It’s actually all too easy to allow the game to take over your life. 

How can you tell if you’ve reached that point? Here’s a handy little guide with a few more common warning signs.* 

[heading]GG, OP, and MIA have become regular parts of your vocabulary[/heading]

You’ve noticed words regularly used in your League of Legends games have begun to bleed over into your daily life. When saying goodbye to your friends, you instead say “GG.” When you express jealousy over someone’s accomplishments, you call them OP – and tell them they need a nerf. When a co-worker doesn’t show up for work, they’re MIA, and if that same coworker doesn’t know what they’re doing, well…they’re a scrub who needs to L2P. Watch yourselves, friends – it’s all downhill from here, 

[heading]It’s taking over your dreams[/heading]
Most people dream about their friends, loved ones, or pets. They dream about surreal, disconnected experiences cobbled together from their daily lives. Their nightmares represent legitimate fears and phobias. You aren’t like them. When you close your eyes, you’re on Summoner’s Rift, doing battle for the honor of reaching challenger. Your nightmares involve Nocturne, and your dreams are all about Demacia, Noxus, or Piltover – take your pick. 

[heading]You become nervous around foliage or tall grass[/heading]
Your obsession with the game has reached a point where you’re applying best practices for the Rift in your day to day live. Going for a jog? You’re going to avoid any nearby bushes or tall grass.  Heading out with friends on a hike? You’re damned well going to ask them to bring wards along. Off to the bar? Watch for ganks. Wherever you go, you’ve got a sneaking suspicion that there’s a Garen, Hecarim, or Rengar just waiting to tear your face off. Hey, only scrubs face-check, right? 

[heading]Your pets (or children) are a testament to the game[/heading]
Your love for League has begun to reach legendary proportions. You’ve got a dog named Nasus, a cat named Nidalee, and a goldfish you call fizz. When you have kids, you want to give them names like Garen, Katarina, or Jarvan. Some might look at you strange, but you pay them no mind. They simply don’t understand the glorious genius of Riot Games. 

[heading]You draw sustenance from your computer screen[/heading]
While all those non-gaming plebs still regularly require food, water, and sleep, you’ve evolved. League of Legends is the only nourishment you need; the sweet scent of victory and the frustrated tears of your defeated opponents sustain you in a way that your ordinary human habits never could. Congratulations – you’ve become one with the League of Legends, but there’s still one more stage yet to fall… 

[heading]You’ve started to play Teemo[/heading]
Seriously, you’ve reached rock bottom. Get help. 

*DISCLAIMER: Video game addiction is actually a very serious problem. If you suspect that you or someone you know is legitimately suffering from it, get help. 

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