Top 10 Best MOBAs Available Right Now

If you saw the most recent MMO Top 10, you already know that one of the biggest genres in gaming is Action. The goal of video games has always been to give people activity, providing an adventure that they could never take in real life. Decades later we find ourselves in what can be considered the turning point of competitive online gaming. The growing popularity of eSports has attracted all sorts of gamers to the MMO genre, and video game companies are beginning to dabble in massive online communities more because of it.

There are plenty of online games giving people the action filled experience they are looking for. No genre has made the eSports scene quite as possible as massive online battle arenas though. This week?s decuple MMO domination takes a stab at the many games in the MOBA genre. If you have been part of the MMO community for even a short period of time, you have probably tried MOBA-style gameplay at one point or another. The explosive popularity of MOBAs in gaming has paved the way for a rising MMO market, so sit back at take a look at ten of the most popular, innovative, and entertaining MOBAs that are playable right now.

[heading]10. AirMech[/heading]These robots may not always be in disguise but that won?t stop this fast paced title from keeping you hooked. AirMech has been in open beta through Steam and Google Chrome for a few months now and is getting ready for full release sometime this spring. The free to play MOBA title has already done a wonderful job showcasing its mix of action and real time strategy gameplay. Players will partake in a frenzy of nonstop robotic action, keeping everyone motivated until time runs out. If time does expire, players are forced into a sudden death mode where everyone starts taking damage over time. Plenty of customization and momentous battles have already begun dragging fans of Starcraft to this new MOBA. AirMech takes pointers from one of the earliest RTS titles, the 1989 Sega Genesis game ? Herzog Zwei. AirMech clones an old fan favorite, brings it to modern times, and implements one of the smoothest control systems that any current MOBA has to offer.
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[heading]9. Super Monday Night Combat[/heading]Fans of Team Fortress 2 will enjoy this game. It?s free to play, it?s a MOBA, and it?s a third person shooter. That?s a pretty good resume for being at the bottom of a Top 10 MOBA list. You will be hearing the term ?inspired by DotA? a lot if you are a MOBA fan, and Super Monday Night Combat is no different. Two teams called the Hotshots and the Iceman face off in a series of PvP game modes. Players can choose their pros based on the role they wish to fill. Like most MOBAs you can decide to be in the middle of battle, a team supporter, a ranged attacker, or a utility player that can complete a number of tasks. You will also be granted a mix of pro specific skills, both passive and active. Super Monday Night Combat does a great job giving players freedom over how they will handle each situation. Purchase additional bot spawns to add AI to your team and improve your assault. You can also purchase a number of machines providing power boosts, improved travel, and triggered hazards for your enemies. A central area called The Jungle even creates even more havoc by releasing a series of team neutral bots. Super Monday Night Combat finds a way to keep the action never ending; providing a one of a kind, TPS, MOBA experience.
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[heading]8. Guardians of Middle Earth[/heading]You would think so many DotA recreations would get stale, but developers are finding great ways to innovate the successful concept. Guardians of Middle Earth takes the traditional MOBA from the PC and transforms it into a console-based action RTS. The casual MOBA is based on the Middle-earth settings of Lord of the Rings. There have been snags in this title when trying to connect with other players, as the game is still fairly new and doesn?t have the largest of gamer populations yet. There is a great customization factor in this MMO title though, and it distinctively changes the last-hit mechanics that are central to most MOBAs into level based stat progression. Console based graphics and a strong emphasis on team coordination give the game a more cinematic experience that its MMO competition. The unique style of play may not be favored by most MOBA fans, but it seems to fit a console existence very well. If you?ve been looking for a good DotA experience away from the PC then check out the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade to get your hands on Guardians of Middle Earth and all its content.
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[heading]7. Awesomenauts[/heading]One of the more underrated games on our list, Awesomenauts truly is awesome. This cartoon style 2D MOBA has excellent controls and is easy to get into. The laid back community presents a pressure free environment, which is a rare find coming from a genre that is making a living on the competitive nature of eSports. Awesomenauts definitely succeeds in its community though. You won?t find any matchmaking problems in this MOBA title. When a player suddenly drops out of your game, you get a decent replacement in very little time. AI bots will also perform much better than in most MOBAs. The game is frequently updated, always adding a multitude of new content (patch 1.17 was just added this month). Awesomenauts is sadly not free to play. Its cost, albeit cheap, is probably the only thing keeping it ranked low on the MOBA list. Regardless, this is a game where you pay for quality, and it?s worth it. When a video game has nothing but amorous support despite its cost, you can be sure its going to be worth your while.
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[heading]6. Bloodline Champions[/heading]This free to play 3D MOBA is like many that we?ll mention on this list. What sets Bloodline Champions apart from the rest is its affordability, lack of grinding for gear, and a smaller yet rewarding PvP experience. Players will take control of several different bloodlines that host a variety of abilities and exclusive weapons. This game truly focuses on skill-based combat and a player?s dedication to their craft. The more you can read your opponent, the better chance you will stand at winning. Spells are manually aimed with precision and every enemy skill shot can be avoided if putting in enough practice. You won?t have to worry about passive abilities or critical hits in this MOBA either. This is just another MMO title that?s easy to learn, but can be tasking to master. Pinpoint mouse control and reliable teamwork are essential to being victorious in Bloodline Champions. With no mana and quick cooldown periods, Bloodline Champions ensures an intense, adrenaline-filled MOBA of it?s own kind.
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[heading]5. Defense of the Ancients (DotA)[/heading]The first popular MOBA style video game was began as just a mod. Spawned using the World Editor provided in Warcraft III, DotA became more popular than the game it hailed from, forever changing the future of online gaming. What stops Defense of the Ancients from topping the MOBA list, you ask? It?s old. I preach the importance of retro gaming, and how timeless some titles are, but you just can?t compete with modernity sometime when it comes to gaming. Only recently did the DotA population suffer significant decline, due to modern clones taking over the eSport circuit. The real reason behind the loss of interest in the once popular MOBA mod is actually due to players transitioning to the beta phase of its successor, DotA 2.
Sentinel and Scourge face off in this original MOBA, using the help of AI and other players to take down each others main building known as the Ancient. DotA?s success stems from its community. It was established by its community, it was maintained by its community, and it inspired a slew of future MOBAs for its community to branch off to. There are few games as highly respected and inspiring to the MMO genre as Defense of the Ancients. If you know MOBA, you better know DotA.
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[heading]4. SMITE[/heading]Are you looking for a MOBA with a twist? Then we suggest checking out SMITE and its awesome lineup of mythical gods. Unlike the typical isometric view presented in most MOBA games, SMITE boasts a unique battle arena experience in third person.With so many players and abilities simultaneously reacting on screen the MOBA genre can be quite overwhelming. SMITE provides a better way for players to focus on their own character while still experiencing success of a MOBA game. Communication in SMITE is not as vital as, which can be good or bad depending on what you are looking for in an MMO experience. SMITE is obviously free to play, but also manages to be a better value than some of its competitors. All it takes is one purchase of an Ultimate God Package and players can look forward to every current and future god the game has to offer. It may not be the cheapest of MMO options if you want the full treatment, but it?s definitely a great deal when you compare it to the cost of champions in League of Legends.
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[heading]3. Heroes of Newerth[/heading]Heroes of Newerth is growing more popular with each passing day, especially since going free to play in 2011. The DotA inspired title was recently named Best MOBA at PAX East 2013; and although we may not agree with making it the head honcho just yet, there are plenty of reasons to rank Heroes of Newerth high on any MMO list. The biggest reason is probably the supportive community behind the game. With an overcrowded MMO community, it can be difficult entirely avoid the players who ruin your gaming experience. Heroes of Newerth has a growing fan base of dedicated and helpful players. Evidence of such can be seen through the addition of the game?s first community created bot. After developers drastically improved graphics and gameplay with update 3.0, players can be excited looking forward to an even newer overhaul in the upcoming 3.1 update. By promising to deliver massive changes that motivate the way new and dedicated players enjoy the game, Heroes of Newerth is certainly on its way to the top of the MOBA food chain.
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[heading]2. League of Legends[/heading]Don?t tell me you didn?t see this one coming. League of Legends swiftly climbed to the top of the MMO food chain and has since become one of the most successful MOBA games ever created. Most online gamers you come across will have tried League of Legends at one point or another. MMO ATK has even covered the popularity of individual champions in previous Top 10 videos. The creative combination champions and their skills provide a great MOBA experience if your teammates don?t bail on you.

Employees at Riot do their best to provide an unparalleled player and community focus. You will need to put in some time, effort, and maybe even some cash before reaching the top tier of this competitive MOBA gameplay. Despite having so many DotA copycats flooding the genre, MMO games haven?t found a way to inspire players the way League of Legends does. If you really want to get into the competitive MOBA community and find a character that fits your style of gameplay, League of Legends is arguably the best place to do it right now.
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[heading]1. Defense of the Ancients 2 (Dota 2)[/heading]Oh no our number one game is still in beta! Rest assured it isn?t just MMO ATK who thinks Dota 2 has something special. After just one year in its beta phase, the action-RPG/real-time strategy hybrid was already one of the highest paying eSport titles in the world, trailing only Starcraft II in 2011. After outperforming Guild Wars 2, Diablo 3, Skyrim, and Battlefield 3 in its first public showing, Dota 2 fast tracked its way to a 2012 IGN People?s Choice Award. Fast forward to present day and you will find seasonal eSports tournaments for the rapidly growing MOBA. The first season wrapped up less than a month ago, with the team Ninjas in Pyjamas taking home the gold.

Dota 2 may not be considered free or fully released. MMO ATK tries to help out there as often as possible. Check out our giveaways section frequently and at no cost you may soon find yourself involved with a game that everyone in the world is playing. Okay, maybe not everyone is playing. Reports show that there are more people currently playing the beta of Dota 2 than any other PC game available though. Riot Games questioned those findings, providing support that League of Legends had more users playing daily than its competitor. Although that?s true, Dota 2 ended up having more hours played per user. These types of findings are thrown around about as much as in politics, so you?ll have to decide for yourself how much they really say about the individual titles. If you do trust those findings though, it once again proves why League of Legends just missed the number one spot on our Top 10 list.

Popularity doesn?t mean quality. Everyone may be signing onto League of Legends at peak times, but Dota players sign on and stay playing. Regardless which you prefer, both MOBAs are already surpassing MMORPG tyrants like World of Warcraft. If Dota 2 can be this popular during its beta, there?s no doubt its going to hold up in the long run.
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